Whats The E-Generation Project?

The E-Generation project focuses on developing a web-based platform and digital resources, constituting a support tool for promoting and teaching entrepreneurship at the VET level, secondary and post-secondary education. One of the project’s objectives is to create a promotion and training system for business entrepreneurship. A system that allows adjustment to the target audience and the definition of resources and instruments to be used by each of the teachers or trainers. Each teacher will be able to manage his class. One of the system innovations will be to give each teacher/trainer the possibility of creating his class, selecting the resources to be used, the instruments, and the results he intends to achieve. The system will allow the creation of teaching and learning environments of their own, adjusted to the student’s profile, aligning objectives with instruments and methodologies.

What this Project will allow

The project is integrated into the BIL – Business Innovation Lab of ISLA. The project will allow the following:

  • Create a system that promotes the creation of classes or virtual classrooms that can adjust the student’s profile with the learning objectives, methodology, and pedagogical tools;
  • Add functionalities and multimedia resources to the platform that can support the teaching process;
  • Develop new digital resources (models) that can be used in the academic environment;
  • Validate issues and constructs associated with the profile of the entrepreneur and the promotion of entrepreneurship in the education and training of young people and adults;

The diversity of projects associated with entrepreneurship and already promoted by partners is an essential input for the system, enabling:

  • The development and use of different constructs and tools for the characterisation of the business model;
  • The development and allocation of multiple pedagogical and bibliographic resources that will enrich the teaching process;
  • The partners’ dissemination capacity enhances the possibility of promoting business ideas competitions at the European level.


The objectives are directly linked to the priorities selected. The project is centred on the development of a web-based information system that enhances the following:

  • Pedagogical and educational resources for teaching entrepreneurship at the level of professional and post-secondary education (can be used in undergraduate courses whose scientific area is not management);
  • Possibility of entirely creating a business plan, supported by different models and the option to adjust to the preferences of the teacher or trainer who will stimulate the training;
  • Possibility of developing an investment plan working only on the various fundamentals of the business (investment, marketing mix, market demand, operating costs necessary for the development of the business);
  • Possibility of articulating teaching with a competition of business ideas, integrating their external evaluation using external experts. It strengthens partnerships.